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Survive the Night

Although I’ve spent most of October reading horror novels, I also wanted to take some time to read some thrillers from my TBR list. I love a good thriller, and one of the books I chose to read this week not only fit that description perfectly, but also earned a five-star rating from me on Goodreads. That book is Survive the Night, by Riley Sager, which was published in June of this year.

Survive the Night tells the story of Charlie Jordan, a twenty-year-old college student who is studying film at Olyphant University. After her best friend/roommate is murdered by a serial killer known as the Campus Killer, Charlie just can’t handle staying at school any longer and decides to go home.

Since her boyfriend won’t be available to drive her home for a couple of weeks, and Charlie doesn’t drive, she posts a request for a ride on the campus ride board. It’s there that she meets Josh Baxter, who is also heading to Ohio. When he offers to drive her home, she gratefully accepts.

However, as Charlie and Josh make their way to Ohio, Charlie begins to notice that something is off about her companion as certain pieces of his story seem to contradict themselves. And then there’s the fact that he knows more about her roommate’s murder than anyone should. It could be her imagination, but as the night goes on Charlie begins to suspect that she’s hitched a ride with her best friend’s murderer.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Survive the Night! This is the third novel that I have read by Riley Sager, and I never fail to be impressed by her writing. Survive the Night is a very fast-paced, thrilling story that I found almost impossible to put down. In fact, I ended up reading almost the entire book in a single sitting.

What I liked most about this particular book was the way in which Sager chose to develop Charlie’s character. Charlie occasionally has times where she sees what she refers to as “a movie in her mind” (Sager 9). During these episodes, her perception of reality is distorted and embellished, which has an incredible impact on the narrative.

Whether you are already a fan of Riley Sager’s work, or you’re looking for a new, suspenseful thriller with some incredible twists and turns, I highly recommend reading Survive the Night. It’s a great book, and I’m sure you’ll have a hard time putting it down.

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