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The Hygge Holiday

We’re only about 20 days away from the start of fall, and I am so excited for the upcoming season! For me, fall is an ideal time for spooky reads, but it’s also a great time to focus on books that are more on the cozy side. One of the books that I had the chance to read a little earlier this year, which would be a great fall read, was The Hygge Holiday, by Rosie Blake.

The Hygge Holiday takes place in the town of Yulethorpe, and focuses on a young Danish woman named Clara Kristensen, who is just passing through on her way to Cambridge.

When Clara learns that Louisa, the owner of the local toy store, is planning to shut the doors of her shop for good (and head off on a holiday in Spain), she offers to house/pet-sit and keep the shop open while she’s away.

With Louisa’s blessing, Clara begins to transform the shop, bringing customers back through its doors and making new friends in the process.

Clara’s job becomes much more difficult when Louisa’s son, Joe Alden, learns of her presence in his mother’s home. Convinced that Clara is running some kind of scam on his mother, the handsome workaholic comes to Yulethorpe to find out what’s going on…only to be surprised by Clara’s determination to breathe life back into Louisa’s shop, as well as her hygge approach to life.

I originally purchased The Hygge Holiday when it was released in the U.S. in 2018. While I vaguely remember starting it, for some reason I didn’t make it past the first couple of chapters. The book caught my attention again a few months ago while I was dusting my bookshelves, and I decided to give it another try. I am so glad that I did!

I must not have been in the right frame of mind for the story the first time around, because I absolutely loved The Hygge Holiday! It was a lovely story, with great characters, just the right amount of drama, and a lot of heart. I ended up reading the entire book in a single, rainy afternoon (which was very hygge), because I just could not put it down.

If you enjoy good, cozy reads with a little bit of romance, then I highly recommend giving The Hygge Holiday a try during the upcoming fall season. It’s a wonderful book, and a perfect choice of reading material for your next hygge evening.

Happy reading!

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