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The Pride and Prejudice Chronicles: Georgiana Darcy’s Diary, Pemberley to Waterloo, Kitty Bennet’s Diary

It’s always exciting to find a new author that you really enjoy. Toward the end of July, I had the opportunity to read author Anna Elliott for the very first time when I picked up her Pride and Prejudice Chronicles trilogy, which begins with Georgiana Darcy’s Diary.

Georgiana Darcy’s Diary is the first book of a trilogy that continues Jane Austen’s classic novel, Pride and Prejudice. Written as a series of diary entries, the book explores the life of Georgiana, Mr. Darcy’s younger sister.

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a young lady of rank and property will have packs of money- or land-hungry suitors yapping around her heels like hounds after a fox.”

Georgiana Darcy’s Diary, by Anna Elliott (page 5)

The book takes place in 1814, after the events of Pride and Prejudice, as Georgiana is happily living with her older brother and his wife.

When her aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, visits Pemberley, she imposes upon the household by making the visit a house party. Among the visitors is a small group of eligible young men, and her aunt seems determined to see Georgiana married to one of them. For a shy young woman who doesn’t care for conflict, and has already barely managed to escape the clutches of one fortune-hunter, Georgiana is finding the situation difficult to say the least.

Things are made more complicated by the fact that Georgiana is already in love…with a man she is convinced will never love her in return.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Georgiana Darcy’s Diary, and thought that Elliott did a marvelous job of developing the title character’s personality. Georgiana’s voice comes through very clearly in each of the diary’s entries, giving the reader insights into the thoughts she doesn’t feel comfortable sharing with even her closest relations. The book also includes examples of Georgiana’s artwork, which really add to the events she describes.

Georgiana Darcy’s Diary is a very fast read, and one that I had an extremely hard time putting down. I found Georgiana very easy to relate to, and just had to know how things would turn out for her.

Georgiana’s story continues in the second book of the trilogy, Pemberley to Waterloo.

While I can’t say much about the plot of this book, in order to avoid spoilers for the previous novel, I can say that it was a great continuation to Georgiana Darcy’s Diary. In fact, I enjoyed this book every bit as much as the previous book, reading most of it in a single evening.

One of the things I liked best about this book was the fact that the majority of the story revolves around a historical event…specifically, the Battle of Waterloo.

The fact that Elliott chose to ground this story during a specific moment in history really made the narrative feel real to me. It was interesting to see how Georgiana portrayed the horrors of war in her diary, especially knowing that there were a number of young women who would have experienced the same fears and feelings during the actual event.

The final book in the trilogy is Kitty Bennet’s Diary.

This book focuses on Elizabeth Bennet’s second-youngest sister, Kitty, a somewhat flighty and flirtatious young woman whose experiences during the events of Pemberley to Waterloo have caused her to mature significantly.

Kitty’s diary entries chronicle her experiences as she and her older sister, Mary, spend the beginning of the year with their aunt and uncle in London. From time spent with her young cousins, to charity events, to her attempts to safeguard her older sister’s reputation, to falling in love herself, Kitty tells her story with far more wit than she gives herself credit for.

While I loved all three of the books in this trilogy, I have to admit that Kitty Bennet’s Diary was actually my favorite of the three. I had a marvelous time reading about Kitty’s adventures, some of which were pretty funny. I actually ended up reading the book in a single evening, because I just could not put it down.

If you are a fan of Pride and Prejudice, then I highly recommend taking the time to read the entire Pride and Prejudice Chronicles trilogy, beginning with Georgiana Darcy’s Diary. The books are a great continuation to the Pride and Prejudice story, and ones that I think fans of both Jane Austen and Regency Era romance will enjoy.

Happy reading!

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