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The Death of Mrs. Westaway

When you select your beach or poolside reads, what sort of books do you choose? Do you use the summer months to get caught up on your TBR list, or do you choose books from specific genres?

As I’m sure you know, I typically read a fairly wide range of genres (and authors) throughout the year, and I usually select books according to my mood. Unless I’m participating in a readathon, or it’s October (which is the perfect time of year for horror novels), I typically don’t focus on specific genres during certain months or seasons. That being said, this summer I seem to be spending a significant amount of time reading mysteries and thrillers.

One of the books that I had the opportunity to read earlier in the summer was The Death of Mrs. Westaway, by Ruth Ware.

The Death of Mrs. Westaway tells the story of Harriet “Hal” Westaway, a young woman who reads tarot cards for a living on Brighton’s West Pier. Behind on her bills and rent, Hal is in some serious financial trouble, which is only heightened by the fact that she owes money to a local loan shark.

Out of the blue, Hal receives a letter from an attorney informing her that she’s been named as a beneficiary in her grandmother’s will. It seems like the perfect solution to all of her troubles, but there’s a problem…the letter was sent to the wrong person.

When the loan shark threatens to start breaking bones if she doesn’t pay up, Hal decides to use her cold reading skills to her advantage and try to claim the inheritance for herself. But after arriving at Mrs. Westaway’s estate, she realizes that the house contains a lot of secrets…ones which might prove more dangerous than an impatient loan shark.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Death of Mrs. Westaway. It was a very fast-paced story, with a lot of interesting characters, and some very surprising twists and turns.

While this was my first time reading this particular book, this was actually the fourth Ruth Ware novel that I’ve read. (The others include In a Dark, Dark Wood, The Woman in Cabin 10, and The Turn of the Key.) I really like Ware’s writing style. She does a great job of building suspense throughout her books, and her plot twists always manage to surprise me.

If you enjoy thrillers, then I highly recommend giving The Death of Mrs. Westaway a try. It’s a great book that will definitely keep your attention. If you have the opportunity to read this novel for yourself, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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