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POPSUGAR Reading Challenge 2021 Update: Week Twenty-Three

Good morning, everyone! I hope that you are having a fantastic week so far, and that you are continuing to stay healthy!

It was a very exciting week at my house because my new piano was delivered! I decided to get a digital piano, which has the look and action of an acoustic upright, but doesn’t need to be tuned. I’ve already logged a considerable number of hours playing this week…something I haven’t been able to do since I sold my last keyboard.

Of course, I’m not the only one who’s excited about the new piano. While Darcy was initially surprised by its appearance in his domain, he took to it very quickly, and it’s become his new favorite place to hang out. (In fact, he’s currently lounging on the top of the piano as I type this.) Darcy has enjoyed listening to movie soundtracks ever since I got him, and since I play a lot of movie and video game music, he’s been happy to listen to me play.

This week for the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge, I decided to continue a series that I began reading during last year’s challenge, by reading Firefly: The Magnificent Nine, by James Lovegrove.

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The Magnificent Nine is the second book in an ongoing series of Firefly novels, which take place between the end of the television series and the movie, Serenity.

In this book, Jayne receives a communication from an old girlfriend, named Temperance, who is currently living just outside a town called Coogan’s Bluff, on the planet Thetis. The locals are being threatened by a gang known as the Scourers, led by a man named Elias Vandal. Vandal wants the town’s supply of water, and he’s willing to do anything to get it…including killing the people of Coogan’s Bluff if they refuse.

After hearing her message, Jayne asks Mal to help; even offering up his favorite gun as compensation. While initially reluctant, Mal agrees to take Serenity and her crew to Thetis, where they’ll have to come up with a plan to take on Vandal and his Scourers.

The Magnificent Nine is a fantastic book, and one that I had a lot of fun reading! The story was very fast-paced and included a tremendous amount of action. James Lovegrove clearly knows the original series well, and did a great job with his presentation of both the characters and the “verse” they inhabit. As a result, it really felt like I was reading an episode of the television series.

I enjoyed the book so much that I had a very difficult time putting it down. In fact, I ended up reading the entire thing in a single evening!

While you don’t need to have read the first book in this series to enjoy The Magnificent Nine, since the book takes place between the television series and movie, you’ll definitely want to make sure that you’ve watched Firefly before reading it. The book does include a significant number of spoilers for the original series, as it references several key events from various episodes.

I also think it is important to mention that this book does include some content which may cause emotional distress for some readers, including torture and several references to rape.

Ultimately, if you are a fan of the Firefly television series, I highly recommend taking the time to read The Magnificent Nine. It’s a great continuation to the Firefly franchise!

You might also be interested in checking out the rest of the series, which includes the following books:

While I’ve only had the opportunity to read the first two books in this series, I’ve really enjoyed them. I’m already looking forward to diving into the third book a little later this month.

Next week’s POPSUGAR Reading Challenge update will be posted on Saturday, June 12th. In the meantime, I hope you’ll stop by The Unapologetic Bookworm on Wednesday for my review of Minor Mage, by T. Kingfisher.

Have a wonderful week!

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