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The Many Lives of Pusheen the Cat

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to read I Am Pusheen the Cat, by Claire Belton. In my review of that book, I mentioned that another Pusheen collection was being released this year (on March 16th, to be exact). I finally had a chance to read the new book last week, and really enjoyed it.

The Many Lives of Pusheen the Cat is Belton’s most recent collection of comics and illustrations featuring Pusheen.

This collection includes a variety of recent comics, such as Pusheen’s recommendations for “How to Be a Good Roommate,” “Pusheen’s Guide to Household Chores,” and various insights into the life and emotions of your cat.

Where The Many Lives of Pusheen the Cat really differs from the previous book is in its inclusion of a significant number of comics that feature Pusheen’s alter egos. These include:

  • Pusheenicorn
  • Super Pusheenicorn
  • Mermaid Pusheen
  • Pusheenosaurus and the Dinosheens
  • Pastel Pusheens (who are aliens)
  • Dragonsheen
  • Detective Pusheen
  • Pugsheen

I enjoyed reading The Many Lives of Pusheen the Cat just as much as Belton’s previous book. It’s an adorable collection of comics! While many of my favorite comics featured Pusheen as herself, I really liked the addition of Pusheen’s alter egos. Detective Pusheen was a particular favorite, though the Dinosheens did remind me a lot of my own cat.

Whether you are a cat lover, a Pusheen fan, or just need something cute to read, The Many Lives of Pusheen the Cat is definitely worth checking out. While many of the comics in this book can be found online, purchasing a copy of the collection is a great way to support Pusheen’s creator.

If you have the opportunity to read The Many Lives of Pusheen the Cat for yourself, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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