Readathon Wrap-up: March Mystery Madness 2021

Good morning, everyone! April is officially here, which means that it’s time for our March Mystery Madness wrap-up!

This was my first time participating in March Mystery Madness, and I felt like it was a fun, pretty laid back readathon. The only requirement for participating was to read at least one mystery during the month of March…and judging by my list of completed books, I definitely met that requirement.

I really enjoyed having the opportunity to focus almost exclusively on one of my favorite literary genres, and I also loved the month-long format. I felt like I was able to really take my time with the books that I read, and didn’t feel like I had to rush to get through all of the (optional) reading prompts.

That being said, there were several online activities available to readathon participants that I did not take advantage of. For example, I did not watch any of the hosts’ live shows on YouTube, or join the March Mystery Madness group on Discord. If I decide to participate in this readathon again next year (and I most likely will), I will definitely consider changing my level of social media participation.

Here are the titles that I chose to read during March Mystery Madness…

Books I read cover-to-cover:

Books I began reading, but have not yet finished:

  • Dead Man’s Mirror: Three Great Hercule Poirot Mysteries (Agatha Christie)

While I was able to post reviews of a few of these titles during the readathon itself, I will be posting my reviews of the remaining titles over the next several weeks. I hope you will visit The Unapologetic Bookworm frequently for my reviews of these great books.

The hosts of March Mystery Madness did provide participants with a list of prompts that they could choose to complete during the readathon. When I first announced that I would be participating in March Mystery Madness, I wasn’t sure if I was interested in using the prompts. Ultimately, I decided that it would be fun to see how many prompts I could complete, and I was able to complete a total of eight (out of nine).

Here’s a look at the prompts I completed, and the books I chose to read in order to complete each prompt…

Overall, March Mystery Madness was a great experience, and one that I highly recommend if you’re interested in trying a month-long readathon and love curling up with a good mystery.

Have a great rest of the week!

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