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I Am Pusheen the Cat

Have you ever had one of those days when you just need to read something cute?

When I choose new books to read, most of the time I end up selecting titles that I think will suck me into their stories, or that cover a non-fiction topic that I find interesting. But every so often, I find myself wanting to read books that are just plain cute…such as I Am Pusheen the Cat, by Claire Belton.

I Am Pusheen the Cat is a collection of comics and illustrations that focus on a food and sleep-loving cat named Pusheen.

The book is divided into five sections, which include:

  • “I Am Pusheen the Cat”
  • “Things You Should Know About Cats”
  • “How to Live”
  • “Stormy”
  • “A Year in the Life of Pusheen”

The comics in each of these sections cover topics such as making cookies, career options for cats, having siblings, expectations vs. reality, and ideas for how to celebrate specific holidays.

“With tiny paws come tiny responsibilities.”

I Am Pusheen the Cat, by Claire Belton (pg. 80)

I thoroughly enjoyed reading I Am Pusheen the Cat! The “Things You Should Know About Cats” section was probably my favorite part of the book, but as a whole I think that I Am Pusheen the Cat is absolutely adorable.

The art in this collection is not overly detailed, which I think gives the comics a really clean look. All of the comics are in full color, and Belton’s character designs are delightful. Pusheen looks like the type of cat that you would love to just pick up and cuddle.

Whether you are a fan of cats, or just love cute comics, I definitely recommend checking out a copy of I Am Pusheen the Cat. While you can find many of the comics in this collection online, including on social media sites like Twitter, I really like being able to support Pusheen’s creator by purchasing collections like this one. I’m already looking forward to getting a copy of her next book, The Many Lives of Pusheen the Cat (which actually comes out today, March 16th).

If you have an opportunity to read this book for yourself, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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