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Takane and Hana

At the beginning of February, I had the opportunity to participate in the Mini Manga Readathon portion of the Japanese Readathon. Over the course of three days, I got to read several great series, including Takane and Hana, by Yuki Shiwasu.

When her older sister decides to blow off an arranged marriage meeting to go on a date, high schooler Hana Nonomura is forced to impersonate her so her family can save face. The man she’s supposed to be meeting is Takane Saibara. He’s handsome, rich, and a complete jerk.

Unable to help herself, Hana tells Takane exactly what she thinks of his attitude and informs him that she could never be interested in pursuing the match. To her surprise, that exchange intrigues Takane, who begins showering Hana with roses and gifts, as well as dinners at fancy restaurants. Hana is initially annoyed by Takane’s attention, but as she gets to know him a little better, she starts to think that she might just be falling in love.

I really enjoyed Takane and Hana! It’s a wonderful shōjo manga series with some very funny moments. It also includes a significant amount of drama.

Because of the difference in their ages, both characters do have to consider the effect their relationship could have on Takane’s career and reputation. After all, Takane is 26 and Hana is still a high school student. Despite the fact that they have the permission of Hana’s family to date, their relationship could result in a massive scandal given Takane’s position within his grandfather’s company…especially since his grandfather believes that Takane is dating Hana’s older sister.

In addition to a great story, Takane and Hana also has incredible artwork. Yuki Shiwasu does a phenomenal job with character design, and includes a lot of detail in her art. I especially enjoy the designs of the dresses Takane purchases for Hana, as well as the characters’ facial expressions.

Whether you are a fan of shōjo manga, or just enjoy a good romance, I highly recommend giving Takane and Hana a try. The first sixteen volumes of this series are currently available in English, and the final two volumes will be coming out later this year. Volume 17 will be released on June 1st, and volume 18 will come out on November 2nd. According to the description on Amazon, there will be two editions of volume 18 available, one of which is a limited release with an alternate cover.

If you do have the opportunity to read Takane and Hana, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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  1. Takane and Hana is such a funny series, I love the playful banter between the lead characters! I’m not generally a fan of age-gap romances, but this manga is so hilarious that I can’t help but forgive it.

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