Upcoming Readathon Announcement: Japanese Readathon, February 2021

There are quite a few readathons taking place during the month of February, including several that last for the full month, and I had a really hard time choosing just one in which to participate. I ultimately decided to participate in the Japanese Readathon, which begins on February 5th-7th with the Mini Manga Readathon, and then continues on February 8th-14th.

You can learn more about this readathon on Twitter @jplitreadathon.

This will be my first time participating in this particular readathon, and while I was tempted to take part for the full 10 days, I have elected to participate in the Mini Manga Readathon only. I’m really looking forward to it!

I don’t plan to pull any all-nighters during the Mini Manga Readathon, but I will be trying to read as much manga as I possibly can over the three day period. I’ve already begun browsing my manga collection, and I’ve pulled several series that I’m looking forward to reading (or, in some cases, re-reading). The hardest part will be choosing which series to start with.

As I have done previously, I will be posting reviews of the books/series that I have the opportunity to read in the weeks following the readathon. But if you would like to follow my progress throughout the Mini Manga Readathon, I will be posting frequent updates on both Twitter and Instagram.

If you’d like to help me choose my first series for the Mini Manga Readathon, I hope you’ll participate in the poll I’m currently running on Twitter.

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