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POPSUGAR Reading Challenge 2021 Update: Week Four

Good morning, everyone! I hope that you are having a fantastic weekend so far, and that you are continuing to stay healthy.

It has been quite a week.

Last Saturday, after posting my weekly update, I noticed that my feline/velociraptor hybrid was doing a lot of blinking and rubbing one of his eyes. Concerned that Darcy might have gotten something in his eye, I decided to take him to the vet. It was a good thing I did, because it turns out the poor little guy has conjunctivitis.

The vet was able to give him a couple of shots, including an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, and he seems to be doing better. In fact, after a rather lethargic Sunday, he’s pretty much back to his normal, naughty self again.

On Wednesday, I got another surprise. I got in the car to go to the pet store (Darcy needed food), and my car wouldn’t start. Fortunately, my dad was able to come over and drive me to Petsmart, so I was still able to get some food for him. I got in touch with AAA on Thursday morning, and they were able to send someone out to the house to replace the car’s battery. I’m thrilled to have a working car once again (not that I need to go anywhere), and hopefully we’ll be done with all of the problems for a while.

Thank goodness for escapism through reading!

This week for the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge, I decided to read The Bookshop Book, by Jen Campbell.

A book by a blogger, vlogger, YouTube creator, or other online personality…

The Bookshop Book is, as its name suggests, a book all about bookshops. The book focuses primarily on telling the stories of beloved bookshops located all over the world, but also includes some wonderful insights by well-known authors (including Joanne Harris, Cornelia Funke, and Bill Bryson) about reading and the importance of bookshops, as well as some fascinating “bookish facts.”

“The word abibliophobia (noun) is the fear of running out of things to read.”

A bookish fact from The Bookshop Book, by Jen Campbell

The first half of the book focuses on bookshops located throughout Europe, while the second half includes shops from Africa, North, Central, and South America, Australasia, and Asia. The bookshops included in The Bookshop Book have an interesting (and sometimes humorous) history, and they’re all places I would love to visit.

I had a great time reading The Bookshop Book! Not only did it do a great job of telling the stories of the included bookshops, but it also conveyed the author’s love and appreciation for books and the stores that sell them. It also included some beautiful color (and black-and-white) photographs of several of the stores featured in the book. My personal favorite was a photograph of El Ateneo Grande Splendid, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is located in what used to be a theatre.

While I really enjoyed The Bookshop Book, it was not something that I found myself sitting down to read non-stop. The format of the book is not like that of a novel. Instead, it is divided into sections corresponding to geographic regions, which contain entries about individual shops, chats with authors, and interesting book facts. Because of the way in which the information is presented, I found myself reading The Bookshop Book in chunks over the course of several days.

It is important to note that though this book gives a lot of great information about bookstores around the world, many of which I want to visit very badly, it was written in 2014. As we’re all painfully aware after 2020, a lot can happen in the span of a year, let alone seven. So if you are interested in visiting one of the bookstores featured in the book, it would be wise to make sure that it is still in operation prior to making a special trip.

If you love bookshops, The Bookshop Book is definitely a worthwhile read! And, if you’re interested in learning more about Jen Campbell’s writing, I hope you’ll check out my review of her first book, Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores.

Next week’s POPSUGAR Reading Challenge update will be posted on January 30th, with my first Beat the Backlist update coming out the following day. In the meantime, I hope you will join me here on The Unapologetic Bookworm throughout the week for book reviews and other new content.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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