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Upcoming Book Releases: Amanda Gorman

During Wednesday’s Presidential Inauguration, people across the United States and around the world had the opportunity to listen to the words of an incredible poem, which was written by our country’s first National Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman.

If you missed out on Gorman’s recitation during the inauguration, I highly recommend taking the time to watch it on YouTube. It is phenomenal!

After hearing Gorman’s poetry during the inauguration, I immediately began looking to see if she had any books available. To my delight, I learned that she has three books that are going to be released later this year.

The first book is called Change Sings: A Children’s Anthology. According to the description on the Penguin Random House website, Change Sings is about a “young girl [who] leads a cast of characters on a musical journey,” during which they learn about the power people have to make changes in the world.

The book is described by Penguin Random House as a “lyrical picture book,” and is illustrated by Loren Long.

The second book is The Hill We Climb, which is Amanda Gorman’s collection of poems. According to Gorman’s website, this collection of poems is about “hope and healing,” and also includes the poem she recited at the inauguration.

Both Change Sings: A Children’s Anthem and The Hill We Climb are due to be released on September 21, 2021.

If you enjoyed the poem Gorman recited at the inauguration, and you just can’t wait until September to read it, a special edition hardcover of the poem is due to be released on April 27th. The book is called The Hill We Climb: An Inaugural Poem for the Country.

I’m really looking forward to reading all three of these titles, and have already pre-ordered them! It’s going to be hard to wait until April and September!

Post Update (July 28, 2021): There has been a change in release dates since the original publication of this post. Gorman’s poetry collection, originally scheduled to come out on September 21st, will now be released on December 7th. The book also has a new title, which is Call Us What We Carry.

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