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POPSUGAR Reading Challenge 2021 Update: Week One

Good morning, everyone! I hope that you are having a lovely weekend so far, as well as a fantastic start to the new year!

I began 2021 by putting away all of my Christmas decor, and then spent the rest of New Year’s Day curled up under a warm blanket with several good books. In addition to finishing a couple of titles that I’d started earlier in the week, I was also able to read my first book for this year’s POPSUGAR Reading Challenge…Mira Grant’s Rolling in the Deep.

A book that has the same title as a song… (Mira Grant’s novella shares a title with Adele’s well-known 2010 song.)

Rolling in the Deep tells the story of the crew and passengers of the ill-fated cruise ship Artagatis, and their voyage to the Mariana Trench in order to film a documentary (sponsored by a television company called Imagine Network) about the search for mermaids.

While open to the possibility that there could be previously undiscovered life in the Mariana Trench, the scientists who have signed on for the expedition don’t truly believe they will find evidence proving the existence of mermaids, and are more concerned with advancing their own fields of scientific inquiry.

Likewise, the documentary filmmakers are just hoping for footage that will bring in high ratings, and they’ve brought along a troop of professional mermaids to ensure that their future audience gets to see a good show.

However, none of them anticipated finding the real thing…or how dangerous it would be.

This was my third time reading Rolling in the Deep, and I found that I enjoyed it just as much as I did the previous times. While I don’t find the book particularly scary (at least, not in comparison to some of Grant’s other books), the story itself is really interesting, and I had a very hard time putting it down.

I think what I like most about Rolling in the Deep is the way in which the story is presented. In addition to the main narrative, Grant also includes excerpts from another Imagine Network documentary, which supposedly aired two years after the expedition, and offers commentary about the veracity of the footage that was recovered (and occasionally warns the reader about upcoming graphic violence). The combination of the narrative with the documentary excerpts is interesting to me, because it really makes you question the reliability of the narrative.

Fans of Mira Grant’s writing will definitely find Rolling in the Deep a worthwhile read. It is worth noting, however, that it is rather difficult (and extremely expensive) to find and purchase a physical copy of the book, as it was a limited edition release. I recently saw a copy of the book listed on Ebay for over $530, and that’s not including the cost of international shipping. That’s just way too expensive! (Even my own copy of the novella, which I purchased the week it was released, was $40.) However, Kindle and Nook e-book editions are available for only $4.99. You may also be able to find a copy at your local library.

If you have the opportunity to read Rolling in the Deep, I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. Also, if you like this novella, Mira Grant wrote a full-length novel that takes place seven years after the events of this book, called Into the Drowning Deep.

I know we’re only a couple of days into 2021, but I’m already feeling pretty good about my progress on this year’s POPSUGAR Reading Challenge. Like I did in 2020, I will be continuing to post Reading Challenge updates on Saturday mornings throughout the rest of the year.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll visit The Unapologetic Bookworm frequently this week for new book reviews…including a review of one of the books my parents gave me for Christmas.

Next week I will also be participating in the Bout of Books Readathon. If you’d like to follow my readathon journey, you will be able to do so on both Twitter and Instagram.

Have a great weekend!

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