Wishing You A Merry Christmas, 2020

Good morning, everyone! Christmas Eve is finally here, and I’d like to wish everyone who is currently celebrating a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas is, without a doubt, my favorite holiday of the year! I love the lights and decorations, the music and movies, the cookies, giving and receiving presents, and spending time with my family. My parents and I have a number of traditions that I look forward to taking part in every year, and many of my favorite memories (both as a child and as an adult) are associated with them.

I imagine that for most of us, this Christmas is going to look a bit different than it traditionally does. The ongoing pandemic has had a massive impact on many of our plans and holiday traditions throughout the year, and Christmastime is certainly no exception. While some people have elected to travel over the holidays, many others have decided to remain home and celebrate with the members of their household, or even alone, rather than risk exposing friends and family members to COVID.

There are also a large number of people this holiday season who are grieving the loss of a loved one, or who are struggling financially as a result of the pandemic. If you feel comfortable doing so, I’d really like to encourage you to take some time out to remember those who have been lost this year, and to pray for the friends and family members they have left behind. And, if you are able, please consider doing something to help your community this Christmas. You could do this by donating to a local charity, delivering groceries to an elderly or housebound neighbor, or even shoveling a neighbor’s driveway.

Let’s make this holiday season a time of reflection and giving!

“All right, you guys, just permit me one sentimental moment here, will you? I have something to say. Christmas: it’s not the giving, it’s not the getting, it’s the loving. There, I said it. Now get outta here.”

Garfield, A Garfield Christmas (1987)

Although this year’s celebration may not be what we’re used to, I hope that this Christmas will still be a magical holiday for you, filled with love and laughter.

Merry Christmas!

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