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Letters From Father Christmas

The holidays have arrived, and while I am continuing to read and enjoy my current fantasy series (Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher Saga), I am also spending much of my free time enjoying some winter and Christmas reads. Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to read Letters From Father Christmas, by J.R.R. Tolkien.

My copy of the book is the “Centenary Edition,” which was released just in time for the 100th anniversary of Tolkien’s very first Father Christmas letter.

Letters From Father Christmas is a collection of letters that Tolkien wrote to his children as Father Christmas, which span a period of just over 20 years (from 1920 through 1943). In the letters, he discusses the goings-on at the North Pole, including details about the activities of his elves, his difficulties with a local horde of goblins, and the antics of the Great Polar Bear (who frequently adds his own comments to Father Christmas’s letters). Many of the letters also include illustrations that correspond to the events Father Christmas chooses to relate.

In addition to including pictures of the original letters, envelopes, and illustrations (which are presented in full-color), the book also includes a typed version of each letter. This is helpful, as Father Christmas has somewhat shaky handwriting.

Letters From Father Christmas is a wonderful read, and would be great to spend time reading as a family during the month of December, especially if you have young children in your household who ask a lot of questions about Father Christmas (or Santa Claus). Even as an adult, I completely fell in love with this book! The letters are incredibly creative, and the entire collection was just a delight to read.

Whether you have young children, are looking for an enjoyable Christmas read, or are a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s work, I highly recommend checking out Letters From Father Christmas. If you have the opportunity to read it this holiday season, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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