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The Last Wish

This week I finally had the opportunity to begin reading a series that I’ve been wanting to read for quite a while, Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher Saga. I initially heard about The Witcher Saga when the television adaptation aired on Netflix last year. I was really interested in checking out the series, but didn’t want to watch it before I had read the books.

I was able to purchase the entire series (which is eight books in length) earlier this year, and I’m so glad that I’ve finally had the chance to start reading them, beginning with The Last Wish.

The Last Wish introduces the reader to a Witcher by the name of Geralt, whose job is to seek out and destroy monsters. After suffering an injury during a fight with a striga, Geralt spends some time healing at a sanctuary dedicated to Melitele, under the care of a priestess named Nenneke. As the Witcher recovers, the reader learns more about his past exploits through a series of stories.

These stories include, but are not limited to: Geralt’s encounter with a young man who has been cursed with a monstrous appearance, the events that led to Geralt becoming known as the “Butcher of Blaviken,” a commission to relocate a trouble-making sylvan, and his first meeting with a sorceress named Yennefer.

The Last Wish is a great introduction to The Witcher Saga. It’s fast-paced, and includes a lot of excitement and interesting characters. I had a really hard time putting the book down, and actually ended up staying up well past my bedtime reading a few times this week. I’ve already begun reading the next book in the series, Sword of Destiny, and I’m enjoying it just as much as this one.

Whether you are a fan of The Witcher television series (or the video games), or a fan of fantasy novels in general, I definitely recommend checking out The Last Wish. It’s a great book, and if you have the opportunity to read it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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  1. i watched the tv show before reading the book so i got spoiled but it was truly a “fast read”. i didn’t really dig the writing but all the action and the events happening kept the book interesting to me. it’s crazy how i was just so curious about what’s going to happen next, i even got until book 3. i had to stop because i did an overdose but overall, it was an enjoyable moment.

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