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Cemetery Girl

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in the Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon. Even though the Readathon completely destroyed my typical sleep schedule, which has led to a significant number of impromptu naps over the past couple of days, I really enjoyed having the opportunity to spend the day reading…especially since I was able to read some fantastic books!

Unlike my previous Readathon experiences, this time I decided to focus my attention (almost) exclusively on comic books, manga, and graphic novels. While I did read a standalone graphic novel, as well as a new volume from one of my ongoing series, most of what I read were complete series.

This series includes: The Pretenders, Inheritance, and Haunted.

The first series I chose to read was Cemetery Girl, by Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden. This three-volume comic book series tells the story of a teenage girl who wakes up in a cemetery, where she has been left for dead by an unknown assailant. Having lost her memory as a result of the attack, she gives herself a new name, Calexa Rose Dunhill. Since she does not know who wants her dead, Calexa decides to make a home for herself in the cemetery, hidden away from anyone who might want to harm her.

It’s while she is in hiding that she discovers her ability to see and talk with spirits, some of whom need her help to bring their killers to justice. But the question is, can Calexa help them without drawing the attention of whoever tried to kill her?

I really enjoyed reading Cemetery Girl. It is a great comic book series, which includes a lot of action and suspense. I found that I read all three volumes very quickly.

The art for the first two books of the series was created by Don Kramer, while the third book was illustrated by Geraldo Borges. Because the books were drawn by different artists, there is a significant change of art styles between volumes two and three. While I do wish that all three volumes were drawn in the same style, just for the sake of consistency, both artists are fantastic. The art of all three books is gorgeous, and the artists do a fantastic job with action sequences (something that is not surprising considering that both Kramer and Borges have worked on various Marvel and DC comic books).

The books themselves are rated T+, which is “suggested for teens and up,” according to the back of the books. Since these are murder mysteries, I tend to agree with this recommendation. While the books are not overly graphic, there are some images that depict violence and death, drug use, and unwanted sexual attention.

If you enjoy mysteries and graphic novels, then I think you will find this series well worth your time. Fans of Charlaine Harris will definitely enjoy this series as well. Like some of her other series, such as the Southern Vampire/Sookie Stackhouse series and Harper Connelly Mysteries, Cemetery Girl does combine a traditional murder mystery with paranormal elements. If you have the opportunity to read this series, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Happy reading!

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