Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon, October 2020: The First Six Hours

Hey everyone! We are now officially six hours into the Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon, and it’s going really well so far. Aside from a short lunch break and a walk down to my mailbox, I’ve been reading pretty much non-stop since eight o’clock this morning. I’ve really been enjoying my reading time, and I’ve had the opportunity to read some great books!

Since starting the Readathon, I’ve had the chance to read a total of nine books, including:

  • Cemetery Girl: The Pretenders (Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden)
  • Cemetery Girl: Inheritance (Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden)
  • Cemetery Girl: Haunted (Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden)
  • The Way of the Househusband, vol. 4 (Kousuke Oono)
  • Saiyuki, vol. 1 (Kazuya Minekura)
  • Saiyuki, vol. 2 (Kazuya Minekura)
  • Saiyuki, vol. 3 (Kazuya Minekura)
  • Saiyuki, vol. 4 (Kazuya Minekura)
  • Saiyuki, vol. 5 (Kazuya Minekura)

In addition to reading these titles, I’ve made significant progress on my Readathon Bingo card during this part of the challenge. I’ve managed to complete a total of 17 spaces so far, and I’ve officially gotten my first Bingo!

Overall, I’m really pleased with my Readathon progress so far! The first six hours have actually gone by very quickly, which is definitely an indication of how much I’ve been enjoying the books I’ve selected to read.

I am going to be taking a short break to complete today’s 31 Days of Bookmarks project. Once I’ve completed my bookmark for the day, I’ll be continuing to read Saiyuki. I currently have four volumes of this manga left to go, and I’m really looking forward to continuing it.

My next Readathon update will be posted around 8 PM (EST), but if you would like to get more frequent updates about my progress, you can always follow me on Twitter. I will be continuing to post my thoughts, pictures, and polls throughout the remainder of the Readathon.

If you are also participating in this month’s Readathon, I hope that you are having a wonderful time!

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