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Through the Woods

I woke up this morning to a rather cold, rainy day, and my first thought was that it was a perfect day to focus on spooky reads. With that thought in mind, I decided to spend the morning re-reading Emily Carroll’s Through the Woods.

I actually mentioned this book in a recent post as a good option for the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge prompt “a book with a three-word title,” but it is also a great spooky read for the month of October.

Through the Woods is a collection of creepy short stories, which are presented in graphic novel format.

While I like all of the stories in this collection, my favorite story is “A Lady’s Hands Are Cold,” which tells the story of a young bride who learns the shocking fate of her new husband’s previous wife. I also really like the book’s introductory and concluding stories, which focus on the fears of a nighttime reader and a young girl traveling through the woods, respectively.

I’ve read this book several times over the years, and really enjoyed it each time. For me, the overall feel of the book is more haunting than scary. In all the times I’ve read it, I haven’t found myself losing sleep over any of the stories (even reading right before bed), but they do make you think, and they definitely stick with you for a while after you’ve read them.

What really creates the mood of each story is the artwork. I think Carroll’s illustrations strike a good balance between creepy and scary, though some images might be frightening for younger readers.

The artwork in this book is phenomenal, and it’s a big part of why I’ve chosen to read Through the Woods so many times. Each story has its own specific look and color palette, which is unique to that story. I particularly like the way that Carroll balances light and dark in her illustrations, which can be seen throughout the book (as well as on its cover).

Whether you are a fan of graphic novels, or spooky stories, Through the Woods is a great book that I definitely recommend checking out. If you have the opportunity to read it, I hope you enjoy Carroll’s stories as much as I did.

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