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National Live Creative Day

When you think of the word “creativity,” what types of activities do you picture? Many of us tend to think of creativity in relation to things such as art, music, writing, drama, or dance. But these are only some of the areas in which we can express ourselves creatively. Whether it is in the form of a popular meme, or the invention of new technology, creativity has had a huge impact on our world and will continue to do so in the future.

Today, National Live Creative Day, is a wonderful opportunity for you to share your creativity and imagination with the rest of the world. It’s also a great time to work on fun projects with your children (or students), and to encourage them to use their imaginations to create something new.

Here are some suggestions for how you could be creative today:

  • Write a poem or short story.
  • Write new song lyrics and set them to a familiar tune.
  • Draw a favorite literary character, comic strip, or self-portrait.
  • Spend time coloring.
  • Learn a new instrument, practice a favorite song on the piano, or just sing loudly in the shower.
  • Make up your own “viral dance,” or come up with new choreography for a popular song.
  • Learn to juggle.
  • Use a program like iMovie to create your own music video.
  • Bake and decorate a cake, cookies, or another yummy dessert.
  • Experiment with a new recipe.
  • Begin a new sewing project, or finish an old one.
  • Learn to knit or crochet.
  • DIY some new fall (or Halloween) decor for your home.
  • Use fabric paint to liven up an old pair of jeans or tennis shoes.
  • Design your own theme park.

Personally, I am planning to spend part of the day working on a project that I have been neglecting over the past several months. Unfortunately, I can’t give you any details, because it is a Christmas present and the intended recipients are frequent visitors to this website (Sorry Mum and Dad! No clues here!), but I’m really looking forward to spending time on it this afternoon.

If you decide to celebrate National Live Creative Day yourself, I do have a few recommendations to make today an enjoyable experience…

First, don’t be concerned about perfection. Creativity is not measured by how well the final product is executed. As well-known painter Bob Ross once said, “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

Second, create an atmosphere that inspires you. If you enjoy listening to music while you write (or sew, cook, draw, etc.), put on your favorite playlist, and don’t be afraid to sing along or break into a little dance from time to time. You might also choose to work outside in the fresh air, assuming the weather cooperates.

And third, have fun. Being creative should be an enjoyable experience. If you’re not enjoying the project you’ve decided to work on, there’s nothing wrong with setting it aside for a time when you are feeling inspired. You may need to try a couple of different creative activities before you find the one you really want to spend time doing, and that’s perfectly okay.

I hope that you have a wonderful, creative day!

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