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The Home Library Project, Part Five: Everything’s Finished!

Good evening, everyone! As many of you know, my mum was admitted to the hospital on Monday. I was able to go to the hospital with my dad yesterday to see her, and she’s doing a little better. She’s currently on a fairly high dose of steroids, and they seem to be working. Mum had an MRI today, and the scan showed that the amount of swelling has reduced.

At this point, I don’t know when she will be able to leave the hospital, but it could be within the next couple of days (possibly as early as tomorrow). If you could continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers, I would really appreciate it.

Some of you might be wondering about the current status of my home library reorganization project. I am pleased to report that the project is officially finished! Here’s a final look at my completed library/office space.

I really only had a handful of things left to accomplish when I stopped working on Sunday morning. The only things that remained were arranging my collectibles on the tops of the bookcases, framing and hanging some new artwork, and clearing off my desk. These “finishing touches” actually went very quickly, and I was done in a little over an hour.

The items on the tops of these bookcases may eventually be relocated (or added to) in the future. For now, they can stay where they are.
As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the bottom shelf of the far left bookcase contains my yearbooks. This area is blacked out to protect my privacy, as well as the privacy of my former students.

Overall, I am very pleased with the way my library/office turned out! Now that I am no longer having to deal with multiple rows of books on the shelves, I am finding it much easier to find and access specific titles.

I’m also pleased that I was able to find a method of organization that both appealed to me, and which also prevents Darcy from chewing on books that are more special to me.

While reorganizing my books was definitely my top priority in this space, I also wanted to ensure that this room appealed to me as a place to work. For that reason, I decided to make clearing off my desk and hanging some new artwork part of this project as well.

What’s funny is that outside of reorganizing my books, what took me the longest was framing my newest piece of artwork!

I found both of these pieces of artwork on Amazon, and fell in love with them.

This was the first time I had ever attempted to frame a picture where I actually had to attach the hardware to the frame before it could be hung on the wall. While the frame did come with pictorial instructions, I have to confess that I had to watch a tutorial on YouTube before I felt comfortable with what I was doing.

Fortunately, watching a tutorial helped, and I was able to complete the project without further issues.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get a shot of this poster without a glare, or a reflection of the rest of the room, but those of you who are familiar with Frank Herbert’s Dune will still be able to recognize the Litany Against Fear.

Now that my home library reorganization project is officially done, I’m really looking forward to spending more time in this space! It was a lot of work, but it was definitely worth the time and effort.

Have you been considering taking some time to reorganize your own home library? If so, here are a few final thoughts based on my recent experience:

  • Take Your Time — A project like this, especially if you have a lot of books, can be very physically demanding. I found myself doing a considerable amount of lifting, reaching, and bending/crouching while I was working, which are not motions that I do frequently. Working slowly and limiting the number of books you are moving at one time can help you avoid injury or next-day soreness.
  • Sort As You Go — This is something I did not do this time around that I wish I had. When I took all of my books off of their shelves, I simply placed them in stacks, intending to go back and sort them into categories later. I would have saved myself a lot of time if I had arranged my books by category as I took them off the shelves.
  • Close The Door — If your books are in a room with a door that closes, I definitely recommend keeping the door closed while you work. This will keep any pets that you might have away from materials that you want to keep undamaged, or from charging into the space and knocking over stacks of books. While I did allow Darcy to enter the room as I was just getting started, he immediately started getting into things, and I did have to keep him out of the room for the remainder of the project.
  • Use An Organizational Scheme That Works For You — There are a ton of different ways that you could choose to organize your books. There really isn’t a right or wrong method, but I do recommend choosing a style that works for you and the other readers in your household.
  • Keep On Top Of Your Collection — For those of us who tend to buy large numbers of books at the same time, this can be a little tricky. However, it is much easier to organize a single shelf to make space for one new book than to have to reorganize all of your shelves for 50+ books.

If you are currently reorganizing your own home library, or have done so in the past, I would love to hear your stories and suggestions. If you’d like to share your own experience, please leave a comment on this post.

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