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The Game

Good afternoon, everyone! Did you know that today is World UFO Day? While there are many ways to celebrate this particular holiday, I think World UFO Day is a great opportunity to spend time enjoying science fiction (whether in the form of books, television, or movies).

Personally, I’m planning to celebrate by watching a few episodes of The X-Files this evening, but I also decided to focus on reading some science fiction today. Earlier this morning, I had the chance to read a great book called The Game, by Monica Hughes.

The Game is a dystopian science fiction novel that takes place on Earth, in 2154. The planet is overcrowded, and jobs are difficult to come by. In fact, unless you are offered a work placement immediately upon graduating, you automatically become one of the “unemployed,” and are denied any career prospects for the rest of your life.


The Game, by Monica Hughes (page 6)

When Lisse and her friends graduate from school, they find themselves newly unemployed members of society. Though they are given food, lodging, and clothing by the government, they are forced to scavenge for anything that is considered a “luxury.” For a group of creative and innovative teenagers, being unemployed is a struggle. When they receive an invitation to take part in a virtual reality experience known as The Game, it seems like they’ve finally found a way to escape the realities of life in their Designated Area. But is The Game everything it appears to be?

I really enjoyed this book! The Game is a pretty fast read, with a very interesting premise. Monica Hughes not only did a great job of building the world of the book, but she also created characters that are easy to relate to. Even though the book is written for a young adult audience, I think that adults will enjoy the story just as much.

If you are interested in dystopian science fiction, or just enjoy good young adult books, The Game is definitely worth checking out. For those of you who are interested in adding this book to your TBR on Goodreads, it is important to note that it was originally published under a different title, which was Invitation to the Game.

Do you have a favorite science fiction novel or series that you’d like to recommend to our online community? If so, please leave a comment on this post (including the title and author). I’d love to have the chance to read some of your favorite science fiction books!

Happy World UFO Day!

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