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Exit Strategy

Of all the series I have read this year, The Murderbot Diaries is definitely my favorite! During today’s Readathon, I had the opportunity to read what is currently the final book in the series (at least until May 5th), Exit Strategy. I had originally planned to read this book earlier in the year, but ended up focusing on titles for the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge instead, so I was very excited to read it this morning.

Exit Strategy is the fourth book in The Murderbot Diaries series, by Martha Wells. This book takes place right after the events of the previous novellas, and finds Murderbot in a situation where it is necessary to reunite with the crew it was contracted to protect in All Systems Red, the first book of the series. While I really can’t say much more about the plot without risking spoilers, I can tell you that this book really showcases Murderbot’s skills as a SecUnit, and also demonstrates how much our narrator has matured over the course of the series.

Exit Strategy is, if not my favorite book in the series so far, at least tied for that honor with All Systems Red. The book contains a lot of action and humor, which had me laughing out loud several times while reading, and does a fantastic job of wrapping up a conflict that has been developing since the first book.

If you are a fan of science fiction and haven’t had the chance to read this wonderful series, I highly recommend it! You do need to make sure that you read the entire series in order, but it is well worth your time. And with the newest book, a full-length novel called Network Effect, coming out at the beginning of May, this is a perfect opportunity to get started.

If you would like to read my reviews of the previous books in The Murderbot Diaries series, they are located in my POPSUGAR Reading Challenge updates for weeks eight, nine, and ten.

Happy reading!

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    1. Thanks very much! I’m sure that you’re going to love Network Effect! I did recently learn that the sixth book (called Fugitive Telemetry) will be released on April 27, 2021. I’m already looking forward to it.

      I just had the opportunity to read your review of Exit Strategy, and really enjoyed it! I feel the same way about the moments when Murderbot is forced to interact with humans. They are some of the most entertaining parts of the series.

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