National Haiku Day

Happy National Haiku Day, everyone! Outside of major holidays, as well as Pi Day and Star Wars Day, I don’t observe very many of our “National Days.” There are so many of them that you really could drive yourself crazy (and run out of money) trying to celebrate them all. However, as a fan of all things literature-related, I could not pass up the opportunity to celebrate National Haiku Day by writing about (and creating) haiku poems.

If you ever had an English teacher that insisted on doing a poetry unit during the school year, there’s a very good chance that you have studied and written at least one haiku in your lifetime. I’ve always enjoyed writing haiku poems because I like their simplicity. Haiku are three lines in length, with the first and third lines containing five syllables, and the second line containing seven syllables. While they are traditionally about nature, you can write a haiku about any topic you want. (Back when I was still teaching, I had a student turn in a haiku about Batman.)

To celebrate National Haiku Day, I thought I might share one of my own poems with you…

This particular poem popped into my head while I was walking out to the mailbox this morning. We’ve been experiencing ridiculously cold weather for the month of April, and today marked our second snowfall of the week.

If you’re interested in reading some wonderful poems to celebrate National Haiku Day, I highly recommend the work of two of my favorite poets, Matsuo Basho and Yosa Buson. Your local library may have ebook copies of their haiku poetry collections available to borrow, but if they don’t, you can always find haiku books on retail sites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

You can also find examples of Basho and Buson’s haiku on the Masterpieces of Japanese Culture website. This website also includes examples of famous pieces of art, as well as some gorgeous pictures of Japan. There does appear to be some content on the website that requires a subscription to access, but you don’t need to subscribe to see examples of traditional haiku.

I hope you all have a wonderful National Haiku Day! Please check back tomorrow for my weekly POPSUGAR Reading Challenge update.

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