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POPSUGAR Reading Challenge Update: Week Fourteen

Happy Saturday, everyone! I can’t believe that it’s actually April now! I hope that you’ve been having a great week, and that you and your family members are healthy. I am continuing to be vigilant about practicing social distancing and staying home. While I am missing visits with my family, as well as my weekly trips to the local library, it has been pretty easy to stay at home. I have plenty of things to do, and frequent phone calls and video chats really do help alleviate feelings of social isolation.

Darcy takes a nap after a failed attempt at chewing off my arm.

My furry velociraptor has been thoroughly enjoying my being constantly at home, and is shamelessly taking advantage of every opportunity to mold my daily activities around his preferred schedule. Darcy is a great companion though, and despite the fact that he is not a lap-kitty, he has provided me with a lot of love and cuddles over the past few weeks.

This week’s POPSUGAR Reading Challenge update is much shorter than normal because, to be honest, I did not get a tremendous amount of reading done for the challenge this week. As planned, I did begin reading Elizabeth Gaskell’s Wives and Daughters, but I have only read about 25% of the book so far. I’m really enjoying the story, so my progress (or lack thereof) is certainly not the fault of the novel. It’s entirely due to the fact that I have been distracted by other things.

As the challenge currently stands, I have 18 reading prompts remaining, one of which cannot be completed until September (“read a banned book during Banned Books Week”). My reading goal for next week is to finish my reading of Wives and Daughters, which I plan to review (along with the BBC’s television mini-series) during next Saturday’s update. Between now and then, be sure to visit The Unapologetic Bookworm for new book and movie reviews, and my suggestions for how to get your 2020 reading resolutions back on track.

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