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Happy Venom-tine’s Day!

Happy Venom-tine’s Day everyone! Today has been a wonderful celebration of my favorite Marvel Comics symbiote. My celebration officially began early this morning with a cup of hot chocolate and a fantastic Venom story.

Venom: Lethal Protector, by James R. Tuck, is a novelization of a comic book story originally released in six parts (created by David Michelinie, Mark Bagley, and Ron Lim). The novel is remarkably similar to the original story, with a few minor updates that take into account modern technology. The story takes place in San Francisco, California, where Eddie Brock and his symbiote have decided to settle after their non-aggression agreement with Spider-Man.

It’s not long before their image is in the news, captured by a young woman they saved from a robbery and assault. Spider-Man, under the impression that Venom is falling back into old habits and too dangerous to be left alone, decides to go to California and attempt to capture his former enemy. Venom, however, is actually doing their best to protect the “innocent” in the city; in this case, a group of people living beneath the streets of San Francisco, who have come under attack by a greedy businessman with ties to the Life Foundation.

I loved this book! I was very impressed with the way in which the original story was adapted, especially since the Lethal Protector comic book series is a favorite of mine. Like the original comic books, the novel is very fast-paced and filled with action, which made it very difficult to put down…even for short periods of time. I ended up finishing the entire book within a matter of hours, and was sad when it ended.

Fortunately, I had a lot of other options for Venom-related reading this afternoon…like reading the Venomnibus, volume one. While I did not have enough time to read this entire comic book collection today, I was able to make a pretty good start.

This volume starts out with the Lethal Protector comic book series, which (like the novelization) includes an appearance by Spider-Man, but many of the other included comic books feature Venom’s encounters with other well-known Marvel Comics characters, including: Iron Man, Daredevil, Punisher, and Silver Sable. The comic books in this collection are in full-color, the artwork is phenomenal, and the stories are wonderful. There’s only one issue that I have with this particular collection…it’s really, really heavy!

Of course, no Venom-tine’s Day celebration would be complete without watching Venom, starring Tom Hardy.

I completely fell in love with this movie when I saw it in the theater, and by now I’ve probably watched it more times than any other Marvel Comics-related film (with the possible exception of The Avengers).

While the movie presents a different Venom origin story than the comic books, it does a great job of staying true to the overall spirit of the stories and Venom’s character, and is well worth watching if you are a fan. This is also a great movie to watch if you are a fan of Tom Hardy. Ultimately, Venom has everything a movie needs: tons of action, great characters, impressive special effects, humor, and a little bit of romance…and, of course, a cameo from Stan Lee.

Of course, if you decide to watch it, make sure to watch through the credits. While Venom may not technically be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (yet), like other Marvel movies, there is a scene at the end that hints at the plot of the upcoming sequel (which is due to be released in October).

It’s just not Venom-tine’s Day without chocolate…

My viewing tonight, along with some Venom-appropriate treats, officially ended my Venom-tine’s Day celebration. It’s been a fun, relaxing day, and I’m looking forward to doing this again next February 14th.

Whether you celebrated Valentine’s Day, or Venom-tine’s Day along with me, I hope that you’ve had a wonderful time!

I’ll be back tomorrow with an update on the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge. If you’d like to see all of today’s Venom-tine’s Day updates and thoughts, you can follow me on Twitter at @UnapologBkworm.

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