Quit Telling Me How To Decorate!

Does anyone else get annoyed by all of those Internet lists telling you what you should and should not have in your home? It seems like I’m always coming across these things, and the vast majority of them only serve to make me mad. All of them attempt to tell you how best to create an “adult space,” giving recommendations that range from ridiculously expensive, to downright sexist.

I encountered one of these lists earlier this evening, courtesy of Twitter. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the web address or name of the article (and I haven’t been able to locate it again), but it was one of the most sexist and insulting things I’ve ever read in my life. The author had created a list of things that adult women should never have in their homes, including: stuffed animals, Hello Kitty merchandise, pink walls, and twinkle lights. The author’s ultimate point seemed to be that if we choose to have these types of things in our homes, it makes us look like emotionally immature little girls.

Another list by Elle Decor, titled 13 Things A Woman Should Never Ever Have in Her Home, is just as insulting. Using the opinions of designers as support for her list, the author includes everything from silk flower arrangements to stuffed animals and cheap sheets. As for the rationale behind certain designer decisions, most of the time it seems to come down to what a man is going to think of your home. This includes warnings that your doll collection is “creepy” and will “scare off men,” as well as admonishments that the inspirational quotes a lot of us love “read as a cry for help under every circumstance.”


I’m currently in my mid-thirties, and my home looks nothing like the adult dream homes that the people who write these lists come up with. But here’s the thing…it doesn’t have to. I’m an adult, it’s my home, and you will pry my Hulk plush out of my cold, dead hands. And as someone who is allergic to most forms of plant life, let me just take a moment to say that having silk flowers wouldn’t be an indication of laziness on my part…just an unwillingness to overdose on Benadryl.

If you want to decorate your space with frills and Pusheen plushies, go for it. Still love curling up in that oversized beanbag chair you got in college? Then keep it. Do you have an epic Star Wars action figure collection? Don’t pack it all up in a box because an Internet article tells you to. If you want to, display the hell out of it!

Personally, I love my Avengers decor. It makes me happy to have a Captain America comforter, and posters of Hawkeye and Black Widow on my bedroom walls. I enjoy having Captain America and Iron Man bobbleheads standing next to my television, and love curling up with my Winter Soldier pillow when I’m tired. And as far as I’m concerned, any man who gets intimidated by my action figure and comic book collections isn’t worth my time anyway.

“Look, you are a great guy. And it is the things you love that make you who you are.”

The Big Bang Theory
“The Nerdvana Annihilation”

There seem to be a lot of people out there who take pleasure in deriding the things that others love, but Penny (from The Big Bang Theory) is right. The things we love are a big part of who we are as people, and they make us unique and interesting individuals. I hope you won’t let someone else’s opinions diminish your affection for your home and hobbies.

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