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Pride, Prejudice and Poison

When you think about the works of Jane Austen, the word “murder” isn’t usually the first to spring to mind. But that’s the subject of Elizabeth Blake’s brand new novel, Pride, Prejudice and Poison.

Pride, Prejudice and Poison is about a murder that takes place in Kirkbymoorside, an English village that has its own chapter of the Jane Austen Society. When the president is poisoned during a tea break at a Society event, Detective Inspector Hemming and his new partner Sergeant Jarral are brought in from York to investigate the case. Unfortunately, there are possible suspects all over the village, and it seems like nearly everyone who knew Sylvia Pemberthy had a motive. But Sylvia may not be the only one that the killer decides to target, especially once bookstore owner (and true crime enthusiast) Erin Coleridge begins her own investigation into Sylvia’s death.

One of the things I enjoyed most about the novel were the characters. Erin’s friends, in particular, are some very unique ladies. There’s Prudence, who is known for quoting Jane Austen whatever the occasion; Farnsworth, who has built her reputation around being odd; and Hetty, who seems to think that anywhere is a good place to find herself a man.

Another thing I enjoyed was the seemingly endless number of suspects that live in Kirkbymoorside. While Erin had only moved to the village about two years ago, most of the other residents have lived there much longer, allowing plenty of time for grudges to form. Given the large number of suspects, this was one mystery novel where it took me just as long as the main characters to discover the murderer’s identity.

If you’re looking for a fun, cozy mystery to read this year, Pride, Prejudice and Poison is a great option. This book also fulfills a couple of prompts for the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge, including: “a book that’s published in 2019,” “a book about a hobby” (since Erin is interested in crime), and “a book featuring an amateur detective.”

I hope you enjoy Pride, Prejudice and Poison as much as I did!

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