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Unusual Bookmarks

Have you ever noticed that the more you read, the more bookmarks you seem to collect?

I can’t even begin to count the number of bookmarks that I’ve acquired over the years. Unfortunately, they tend to behave like socks in the dryer…mysteriously vanishing for months on end, only to resurface in increasingly unlikely locations.

I’ve been working on cleaning out my home for the past several weeks, and it’s amazing how many old bookmarks have resurfaced during this time. They’ve appeared in my closet, the junk drawer in my kitchen, and even my bathroom cabinets! Just to give you an idea of how many have reappeared so far, here are just a few of the bookmarks I found in my nightstand this morning…

Some of these bookmarks were gifts from friends, family members, and former students; others I bought for myself. But I have also acquired a lot of freebie bookmarks over the years from bookstores that give them away when you make a purchase. I have a significant number of Half Price Books bookmarks floating around my home, and even some from Borders (which, unfortunately, no longer exists).

And yet, for all the bookmarks I actually possess, I still find myself using some odd things to mark my spot when I have to put my book down in a hurry. Here are some of the more unusual items that I’ve found myself using as makeshift bookmarks:

  • drink coasters
  • unused fast food napkins (usually Chipotle)
  • folded sticky notes
  • receipts/deposit slips
  • my cell phone
  • bills
  • socks
  • refrigerator magnets
  • business cards
  • corners of blankets and throw pillows
  • forks/knives/spoons
  • fast food straw wrappers

They may be odd choices, but they do work rather well in a pinch. I’m going to try to keep better track of my bookmarks…or at least try to keep them all in a central location. We’ll just have to see how well that works out.

What unusual objects have you used as bookmarks? If you’d like to share, please leave a comment on this post. You can also share your thoughts with me on Twitter @UnapologBkworm.

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